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From old French meaning "that fool is a freakin flamer"
To present meaning, any noun.
Hey marclar lets's go down to the marclar and buy some marclar.
Beküldő: Keenan Smith 2004. július 2.
Used on planet Marclar to replace all nouns.
Holy Marclar, Marclar, what the Marclar, was that Marclar doing?
Beküldő: Ghost 2005. április 19.
A word used to substitute all nouns. Made popular from the Comedy Central television program South Park.
I was walking when I saw a giant marclar attack a marclar.

At the marclar, there were many marclars.

The marclar is a stupid marclar.
Beküldő: Dman930 2009. február 21.
any person, or thing. Used as a substitue noun
You stupid marclar.

That marclar doesn't work.
Beküldő: Scot Clemons 2005. május 9.