With in a set circle of friends/circles/club, the man has slept with or is in the middle of sleeping with every single viable female within it.
Chris 'Teabag' Bowman has slept with all of these girls, he is such a man-whore!
Beküldő: Bezzzyyy 2011. október 5.
1. A male version of a whore

that shifts 7-8 girls at one disco
Tom omg john shifted 7 ppl at da disco last night
jack omg hes such a man whore !
Beküldő: I<3Tractors 2012. november 21.
Can also be known as an Albert.
Albert is such a Man Whore
Beküldő: Some Smart Fuka 2015. május 27.
Seth, senpai, cheaters, ya know.
example 1:

person 1: "ewh he was twerking on her again?!"

person 2: "yup, he's a total manwhore."

example 2:


person 2: "i told you he was a manwhore."
Beküldő: klutzie 2014. február 24.
A man who thinks hes a player and constantly tries to get with different girls. The spark that starts the drama between friends. Always has a mind set of 'on to the next one' and will fuck anything with legs but has to be of the opposit sex.
Girl 1: Did you hear about the boy who fucked thoes three best friends in that same day?
Girl 2: yeah he is such a man-whore
Beküldő: wellfuckhim2hen 2011. október 31.
Worthington is such a man whore.

Yes you bucko, you.
Beküldő: icyhot4u-_- 2014. július 6.
Its chris nicolini
my boyfriend is a man whore hes always logged into every single chat site and im site you can think of 247
Beküldő: his fucking girlfriend 2014. február 4.

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