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A hilarious anagram of Xemnas's name. I mean it's supposed to be an anagram of Ansem X, but that's wrong.
Saix: Alright sir, I won't reveal your secret.
Xemnas: Thank you.
*Demyx passes by*
Demyx: Hey Mansex.
Saix: Okay so I told a few of us.
Beküldő: DooDooMan 2007. október 30.
When 2 or more men have sexual intercourse
Stoners have MAN SEX all the time
Beküldő: MAN s-E-cks 2003. május 29.
Homosexual sex
taking it Fruity up the booty
Gay men enjoy man sex
Beküldő: Dragonflame 2003. március 25.
one of the funniest angrams i've ever seen, its supposed to be Ansem dude +x but thats just rediculus, coincidence subliminal? eh, you decide
Axel: hello superior!
Xemnas: hello....
Axel: wisperes to demyx superior mansex
Beküldő: Jizeru1 2011. április 1.
when two dick gnomes meet in a dark alley
they met to have man sex behind jordan's house
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. május 2.
Nasty ass shit
Dont have man sex with trevor
Beküldő: Andrew 2003. június 20.