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Character on Saturday Night Live played by Chris Kattan. Mango is an exotic male stripper who seems to attract every man's attention when he walks in the room. Not to mention the fact he wears tight gold shorts.
"I want to have-a the Mango!"
Beküldő: Jetman 2005. október 15.
An exotic male strippr from saturday night live!
Iam MANGO! - mango
Beküldő: Shimmler 2003. február 11.
funny guy from saturday night live!
"Why does everyone think that I'm the homo-gay?" said Mango.
Beküldő: you mother 2003. augusztus 8.
A suttle way of pointing out an attractive person.
That guy over there is a mango.
Beküldő: Turtle and Ghost 2002. november 19.
A large yellowish-red FRUIT.
Man, that sure is one strange mango.
Beküldő: Werther 2002. november 20.
The greatest fruit known to mankind. People worship it as the food of the gods, and it can bring hapiness to anyone. It is impossible for someone not to love it. Go buy a mango, now.
Person 1: "Hey, what are you eating?"
Person 2: "Oh, a mango"
Person 1: "Give it to me"
Beküldő: Pie Stealer 2015. február 3.
cone-haped, low-hanging tits. they resemble the shape of a mango.
"Wow, check out that mangoes on her!"

"Yeah. the least she could do is strap them in."
Beküldő: evan99 2006. július 7.
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