past tense of "ming".
"That chick you pulled last night fucking mang mate."
Beküldő: grief 2004. március 15.
how people in the south say man.
i have to take a piss mang
Beküldő: thomas1299 2007. szeptember 30.
Comes from the Chinese Mandarin (putonghua) pinyin adaptation. Meaning: being busy.
I won't make it today, I'm really mang.
Beküldő: julien_derdre 2006. október 14.
An unnattractive female, who then appears to actually be a male.

Minger + Man = Mang.
The "girl" turned out to be a mang, much to Mike's delight...
Beküldő: James 2004. február 3.
An imaginary disease or an unspeakable slime. Communicable by touch, the only way to get rid of the mang is by giving it to somebody else and braying 'You've got the mang!'
see that minger man she had a matted minge wit mang all over it
Beküldő: the inteceptor 2003. december 3.
a word that means whatever you want it to mean, but more often than not, it means something sexual.
girl: *points* she wants to mang you.
boy: oh yeah, im in.
person 1: so, what do you want to do?
person 2: *shrugs* just mang around...

Beküldő: tilly :D 2007. szeptember 13.
Mang is a Rock band out of the Pacific Northwest....Come check out their website and SEE just what MANG is....
I got Mang's new CD...nah nah nah nah nah nah.....
Beküldő: Music is my life 2004. február 20.

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