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the off-brand CNN
MSNBC is like a fox news for the left, but much worse in quality
Beküldő: moron392 2010. december 9.
A joint venture of MSN and NBC. Broadcasts news on cable television and online. Competes with numerous news networks.
Should I watch CNN, ABC, or MSNBC?
Beküldő: JWooden271 2003. december 6.
mutant snot nosed brat capitalists
Where else can you find more quarter million dollar degrees worth of education and six figure salaries than at msnbc?
Beküldő: mikal machiavelli 2009. május 29.
A 24/7 cable news network. It is owned by Microsoft and NBC. The sister networks of MSNBC are: CNBC, Bravo, and NBC.
MSNBC the second best cable news channel on cable since CNN. Yes it is better then the stupid FOX News Channel too.
Beküldő: Mike 2003. december 9.