amazingly funny pasadena girl who terroizes loyola boys on her free time and often says "tee hee hee"
Beküldő: buffalo solider 2009. április 25.
Someone who is very dirty and likes to watch porn.
Ohgod, you're such a momo.
Beküldő: Gableebers 2008. október 28.
An extremely religious cultist. AKA A Mormon.
Git outta mah house momo
Beküldő: Cam lessey 2008. február 7.
idiot, retard, imbecile, dumb ass
you momo, you spilled your beer all over yourself
Beküldő: ebjimmyg 2005. május 30.
ugly anerexic and/or albino girl. Usually acts popular but is hated by the majority of fellow peers. These types of girls tend to have little to no body curves at all.(also known to use excessive makeup)
Wow look at that ugly momo over there trying to act hott.
Beküldő: Dantrell 2009. január 2.
an alcoholic drink consisting of Captain Morgan and Monster
"Hey what are you drinking?"

"I got me some mo mo!"
Beküldő: FoShizle 2008. május 5.
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