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Acronym for "Mediocre At Best".

It is used to describe someones performance or an objects quality.
L: So how did you do on your test?

J: I did mediocre at best (MAB).
Beküldő: beqone 2009. február 13.
Meet and Bowl at online Games.
Gather at a nice (natural) virtual reality place and smoke joints / bong together.
Hey ppl, lets mab now, i need a toke!
Beküldő: minnox 2006. július 9.
Media Arts Boner, when something is visually stimulating in a way that would require extensive and masterful work with camera and/or editing.
"Man, did you see the cinematography of that film shot on the Red Epic, I got such a mad MAB while watching it."
Beküldő: icancounttopotato93 2012. február 13.
"mabs" is an acronym for Mid Afternoon Butt Sweats. The mabs is that moist, slightly unpleasant feeling in your underwear on a warm day or after some physical activity.
"mabs" is frequently preceeded by "the" ("the mabs").
That brisk walk gave me the mabs.
I know it's still morning, but I've got the mabs.
Beküldő: Brian12 2006. június 21.
An abbreviation of the word maybe
"Will you come tonight?"
"Yeah, mabs"
Beküldő: (dwg.) 2006. december 29.
Missionised asshole bitch
Set to achieve a task no matter what, usually accompanied by broomstick riding. Or, she is being a mab
Beküldő: Cplagz 2010. január 1.
Massak Allah Bel5air

A term coined by a group of crazy engineers.
A: Hey man, I need to tell you something important.
B: What is it?
A:... MAB!
Beküldő: Mr. H33 2010. január 25.