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Laughing out loud zebras own rhinos.
bob: HEY!
john: LOLZOR!
Beküldő: Oz 2005. január 6.
The 1337 way to say lol.
Ryan: Wanna Hear A Dirty Joke ??
Kid: Sure
Ryan: I Crapped On Your Face While You Were Sleeping !
Kid: wtf ?
Ryan: Lolzors !!!
Beküldő: Ryan9104 2006. április 4.
A way to demonstrate excitement or surprise
"hey johnny, i've fixed it"
"no you haven't - you n00b"

Lolzor !
Beküldő: Johnny All Stars 2006. október 4.
"Lolzors" is a variation of the internet term "lol."
N00B_MX: Hey, Golden Fox, you're a pillow biter. Lolzors.
Golden Fox: Yeah, so?
Beküldő: N00B_MX 2007. augusztus 5.
A person who makes people lol (laugh out loud)
user1:*insert joke there*
user3:omg he`s the lolzor
Beküldő: denamo 2010. február 12.
It's like a dinosaur was crossed with a supervillain. And they're laughing.
And then I destroyed their village lolzor
Beküldő: tgrape 2008. augusztus 12.
it is just lol with the zors at the endand its amazing
dildofuck: that bitch was soo ugly she looked like my asshole
fuckurmom1234: lolzors i knoooo
Beküldő: cockboy12334999939 2008. május 20.