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1. Politicans

2. Lawyers

3. Celeberites
President Bush is a liar.
Beküldő: Dere 2006. november 25.
a person who lies because they think that they become cool.. n who lie to their frends so they could hang out with their girlfriend.
see mark - a liar who doesnt feel bad about it
Beküldő: xunoeitx 2008. március 24.
Dishonest. Media spin-meister. a liberal. Michael Moore
Only a liar would fill you head with liberal ideals to get you to vote for a Democrat.
SoberVoter and Ben Dover
Beküldő: I'm the real Ali Baba 2006. május 18.
1. A human act that brings pleasure to all that use its divine power.

2. A description 'ugly women about to go lesbian' use to describe all men without realsing themselves, that all men see when they look at her is a one stop spunk dump.
Ugly woman about to go lesbian(UWATGL): Every man i have ever met is a total liar

'Friend': now now, I thought clives description of your arse being the size of a bill board was pretty accurate.

(UWATGL): True maybe not all men are total liar's.

'Friend': And Pete was right about your face looking more like a bag of broken biscuits than a welders bench.

(UMATGL) : Okay, Fuck Off
Beküldő: MickLinge 2006. március 16.
Someone that does not tell the truth like Prudence.
She said she loved me but she didnt, therfore she was lying.
Beküldő: wristslicerMorgan 2004. április 15.
To create an un-truth intended to misdirect others in an attempt to trick them.
Jessica is a liar because she says rugby is cool.
Beküldő: Nestleee 2008. május 11.
bandit lying about everything
i'm getting adsl tomorrow
Beküldő: Zim aka Chris 2003. április 16.