someone who's lost and in denial of all truth; especially their own!
Beküldő: cec piece 2010. február 5.
A statement made to dishonestly mislead another person.

The term is too broad. There needs to be three separate words.
One word where the liar has the intention to advantage themselves to the detriment of others. “I will clean my room today.”
One word where the liar has the intention to advantage the recipient of the lie without any detriment to the liar. “You did a very good job.”
One word where the liar has no intention to advantage or disadvantage anyone. “There is a Santa Claus.”
Beküldő: Glockey 2008. április 5.
THE SLANG DEFINITION: Someone who represents what they're not, especially any undercover law enforcer.
Beküldő: Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant 2003. október 5.
Someone who does not tell the truth.
Today is Friday, but Alex told me it was Saturday, she is such a liar.
Beküldő: dillichik 2009. május 9.
someone who speaks false prophecy
Example: Liar: Matthew is a compulsive liar
Beküldő: 'Babe' 2007. április 9.
Nick Clegg
Guy1: What a liar! I hate his bullshit!
Guy2: Yeah, I know. Such a Clegg thing to do.
Beküldő: Scintilla_Irratus_Est 2010. december 9.
Marquise Jackson
Marquise Jackson was born because of a condom factory. "Liar"
Beküldő: Dabby17 2011. május 31.
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