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Originating from Lester, this word has evolutionized to mean many things:
1. Kid who takes a shower once every week.
2. Person with mushroom haircut that is infested with lice.
3. Person with peeling skin, especially on the hands.
4. A duct tape addict. Lest-pests love to put duct tape on anything, including:
-water bottles
and many other things that get broken or ripped.
5. Someone who wears the same shirt for 10 years, including clothing items such as a mickey mouse jacket and a green sweatsuit with a black stipe along the side. After recieveing a sticker Lest-pests will stick it on their shirt for extended periods of time without chaning or washing the shirt.
6. Smell extremely bad
7. Do not grow higher than 4 feet tall and is extremely afraid of any wet substance ie: Shower, rain, sponge, sink etc.
8. For self-defence Lest-pests will use a fighting technique which involves lifting your leg up, turning body to the side and slapping with their forward hand.
9. Tend to be social outcasts and are hard to get rid of, thus the "pest", but when they do make friends they tend to be ed-tards.
10. Like to be in pictures where they try to look cool and point at the camera like a gun.
11. Very ugly and tend look like a fun guy.
Get away from me you lest-pest!

You ugly little lest-pest!

Hey you are such a fun guy lest-pest!

Lest-pest: I am on a war against soap and all cleaning products!!

Edric: Hey can I draw you?
Lester: No! I am a lest-pest!!
Edric: But I love you! I always have!
Lester: I am sorry, you just don't smell the same way you used to! good bye...forever!!
Edric: Noooooooooo
Beküldő: 2manylester 2007. november 29.

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