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a word used to express the size of clothing, also see extra-lars
I've bought a new t-shirt, I asked a medium but the clerck gave me a lars
Beküldő: Karloman 2004. október 10.
58 86
Any drummer who resembles or looks similar to Lars Ulrich of Metallica when jamming on their drum set.
Brian looks so lars when he's playing the drums.
Beküldő: Nuno 2006. március 3.
19 57
it means: Laughing At R Shit.
remember when we were larsing the other day because we baking hello kitty cookies and hp scars? that was great.
Beküldő: JMPopsicles 2007. december 30.
12 52
A farewell
Such as "Later", but shortened
"Yo dawg, I'll see you later"
"Ight, lars"
Beküldő: PJack 2007. november 27.
7 50
A gay pale pharmacy school dork.
That guy thinks he knows everything, what a lars.
Beküldő: demo13 2009. június 1.
8 59
The drummer for Metallica.

Also, extremely gay.
Don't be such a Lars.
Beküldő: jontas 2008. január 2.
14 65
tween;not over the age of 13
He's such a lars, he can't even get into the PG-13 movie.
Beküldő: 875892 2007. december 6.
3 55