A Chinese word, meaning 'not at all', 'yeah', or 'wow'.
A recent IM conversation:
QZ: FYI, you can download the newest version of purifyplus. The new version works fine with VS2005
Cd: thanks for the info, I'll do that
QZ: you are welcome lar
Cd: what is lar?
QZ: means nothing, just a chinese word, like not at all, yeah, wow
Cd: lar
QZ: ;^b
Beküldő: Cedric de La Beaujardiere 2007. április 26.
LAR - Stands for Lost And Retarded.
You are LAR!
Beküldő: Nichirin 2004. június 30.
The Lars is a species that likes to eat potato's and fish. The Lars is a fierce Norwegian Viking that are known to have small penises. The Lars is a vicious creature that also has but thole aids. They also like to plunder!
Who's that munching on potato, oh that's just Lars
Beküldő: K&A 2013. november 26.
A fairly decent drummer, attacked for wanting to make money by those jealous of his success.
Lars earns more than me, I should be able to steal from him!
Beküldő: Moron 2003. június 4.
LARS - Lack of Asian Recognition Skills. How the world perceives asian appearances and thinking they all look alike.
Damn, he thinks I look like Brenda Song. He has LARS.
Beküldő: mrhuuaaa 2012. május 14.
A nickname used to annoy someone
Person : HI LAR!

Lar: shut up
Beküldő: Dont worry , be happy 2009. október 25.
To eat an object of food.
Girl: I loved Larsing that pie!
Dude: Well who doesn't like to Lars pie?
Girl: Who knows? I love to Lars!
Beküldő: Food eater Mamninator 2012. január 10.

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