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LAR - Stands for Lost And Retarded.
You are LAR!
Beküldő: Nichirin 2004. június 30.
The act of smoking marijuana. Originated in Davie, Florida.

Created from a single quote from the movie Heavy Weights. While sparking a blunt somebody quoted Tony Perkis, "Do it to it Lars"
You wanna Lars?

Daw, you Lars'd?

Daw, that blunt gt me so Lars'd.
Beküldő: ballz_warm 2009. április 5.
The Lars is a species that likes to eat potato's and fish. The Lars is a fierce Norwegian Viking that are known to have small penises. The Lars is a vicious creature that also has but thole aids. They also like to plunder!
Who's that munching on potato, oh that's just Lars
Beküldő: K&A 2013. november 26.
LARS - Lack of Asian Recognition Skills. How the world perceives asian appearances and thinking they all look alike.
Damn, he thinks I look like Brenda Song. He has LARS.
Beküldő: mrhuuaaa 2012. május 14.
A nickname used to annoy someone
Person : HI LAR!

Lar: shut up
Beküldő: Dont worry , be happy 2009. október 25.
To eat an object of food.
Girl: I loved Larsing that pie!
Dude: Well who doesn't like to Lars pie?
Girl: Who knows? I love to Lars!
Beküldő: Food eater Mamninator 2012. január 10.
A person or group of people that are from a foreign country that have horrible English grammar. Named for their use of "lar" at the end of sentences by the founders of Powro. Usually they add lar, leh, liao, lor or la to the end of a sentence typed in english.
ei sir can haf itams pls lar
Beküldő: Oban 2005. január 11.