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Love you much
Love you mate
Love your mum
all of these are pretty self explanitory...
#love #you #much #mum #your #mate
Beküldő: Kimberlei 2007. augusztus 17.
usually on the end of a text or summit

means love you millions
'c u tomoro lym xx'
#lym #love #you #millions #text
Beküldő: lisssssss 2009. február 7.
Like Your Mom!

Best used at the most random intervals or when the situation warrants anything but this statement
"This food is good"
"Like your mom!"
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. április 8.
of, or relating to, your mother.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. április 8.
Like your Mom! Naff off, have you gone soft,this is a better definition - love your minge
I was on a round the world trip with the sexspecialist. When I reached the forest I said " I lym "
Beküldő: Stias 2005. szeptember 7.
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