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"Laughing out fucking loud"
"LOFL that guy pissed his pants"
Beküldő: Heza 2003. január 16.
Laughing out fucking loud. est. 2004
Have you heard that new Penis Vs. Vagina song? Lofl shit's awesome
Beküldő: Sean Fucking Panic 2005. május 24.
Stands for either "laughing on floor laughing" or "laughing out fucking loud". Is totally awesome and a very versatile term. Cousins with "rmao".
d00d did u c taht episode of Walker? lofl!!!111
Beküldő: Gomez Gomez Gomez 2005. október 10.
A hybrid of lol and rofl.Stands for 'Lol(laughing out loud)-ing on the floor laughing.
Man, I just finished watching 'charlie bit my finger' and I lofl'd
Beküldő: Dressxss 2009. június 14.
Life Of Falafel Licking
Az was sad until a LOFL came to her.
Beküldő: tuds 2009. április 6.
Acronym for "laugh out fucking loud."

That joke made me really LOFL.
Beküldő: LB6 2007. január 10.
"Lots of Fucking Laughs"
Guy 1: Yo mama's so fat she gave the hospital stretch marks when she was born!
Guy 2: Lofl!
Guy 1: Na ma nicca i'm serious
Beküldő: ifhiifgvfp 2009. június 11.