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Nickname for a girl you like a lot. You think about her morning, noon, and night. She even shows up in your dreams, she is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen, she is your most favorite person ever! She has the sweetest, cutest personality ever, one that is so cute, it reminds you of a kitten.
Anna is my cute little kitten; she is so adorable, and all mine!
Beküldő: PandaLikesKitten 2010. október 21.
33 19
a baby cat! sometimes they can't meow properly yet and they are sooo cute!
my kitten is my baby!
Beküldő: Dave 2005. március 16.
1614 260
An baby cat. Also known as a kitty. They have sharp little claws and teeth and can be nasty sometimes, but they are soft, cute, and totally lovable. Their meow is just precious to hear. Be gentle; kittens are delicate.
Some people have real problems if they say that they want to hurt cats and/or kittens. How could anybody even think of hurting such cute little things?
Beküldő: Loreleili 2006. március 31.
910 140
1. An immature cat.
2. An adorable ball of fur with big eyes that uses its powers of cuteness to manipulate human beings into submission and slavery.
3. An adorable, yet insane, tiny monster with teeth and claws.
Aww, what an adorable kitten! OWWWW!!! Get it off of my arm!!! It hurts!!!

Beküldő: Liz Canyon 2006. november 16.
796 165
Cute little fluffballs
I like kittens and beans.
Beküldő: Kitty Mc Meow 2003. november 2.
569 74
kitten (kit'en) n.

A small, sometimes domesticated animal; usually a pet; a member of the cat family, wants to grow up to be a lion, tiger, leopard, etc; thinks the world revolves around her; is probably right.
the kitten is very pretty
Beküldő: Cerina 2006. február 19.
619 159
little fluffy bastards
Beküldő: anonymous 2003. március 2.
459 117
The casualties of masturbation.
"Oh my god," Brandon said as he saw my bed, "This is a major site of kitten death!"
Beküldő: Killing Kittens 2004. május 18.
384 175