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When frozen, one of the best chcolate bars in the world!
this frozen Kit Kat is the shit!
Beküldő: Sklar 2003. május 4.
The act of fingering a girl using 4 fingers.
brian; i slipped julie 4 fingers last night
mat; wow man, u kit katted her
brian; yea man
#fingering #masturbation #wank #toss #jack off
Beküldő: shaun driver 2007. augusztus 27.
A four digit vaginal or anal fingerbang. Should be attemped by trained professionals only.
After Tony got tired of applying three musketeers on Lee's dripping abortion hole, he generously courtesy lubed and went for the kitkat.
#twix #wunderbar #three musketeers #double taps #zamboni #barber
Beküldő: Bigbear Goldstein 2008. január 30.
a slang term for ketamine which is usually in a powdered or liquid form.
damn son that was some fire ass kit kat

yea nigga i stay cookin that shit up
#kit kat #ketamine #speacial k #k-hole #blind squid
Beküldő: PhiL da CooKa 2009. augusztus 6.
1. A yummy nestle chocolate covered wafter thing, available in 2 fingered or 4 fingered.

2. Also known as fingering someone, available to 2 fingered or 4 fingered.
1. wow, i just ate a kitkat!

2. "Oh-Em-Gee! Terrence gave me a kitkat last night!"
#kitkat #nestle #chocolate #fingered #sex
Beküldő: lady spanky 2006. november 16.
An expression/name used when seeing a fine looking male or female
Bobby:"Damn break me off a piece of that Kit Kat she's lookin good all over!"
#fine #kit kat #nic-name #candy #sexy #expressions
Beküldő: xxxfishnetsxxx 2009. április 20.
a slang term for a police car, found in Jay-Z's "99 Problems"
I beat the shit outta that guy, and then he pressed charges, so they threw me into the back of the kit kat.
Beküldő: The R.O.B. 2004. december 14.
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