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to kinkle someone; to be kinkled
Noun; verb

A manipulative misrepresentation of what another person has said; to "twist their words" for dramatic effect. This is often done purposely to make another person look bad or to get others to feel sorry for them. Sometimes, however, the person kinkling is just incapable of comprehending conversations the way they happened. The kinkle is perfected with dramatic body movements such as flailing arms.
"My mom kinkled me when repeating our conversation to my brother"

"She kinkled me to Bob and made him livid with me, even though that's not what I said".

"He kinkles really badly so watch what you say and/or believe".

"I've been kinkled! That's not what I said!"
#kinkled #kinkel #kinkling #lie #manipulate #honesty #truth
Beküldő: lioness_92 2012. november 9.
The remaining marijuana smoke inside of a steamroller or bong after someone takes a bigger hit than he/she can finish in one draw.
"What, your eyes get bigger than your lungs? Finish your kinkles, man!"
#marijuana #weed #pot #smoke #steamroller #bong
Beküldő: Jaylati 2008. augusztus 25.
Gross lines in your ass
Nicole has kinkles
Beküldő: SAVANNAH & TALIA 2003. június 3.
a dick that is long and very skinny
you have a kinkle
opposite of choade
Beküldő: Chris 2004. október 21.
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