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Listening to emo music...
also masterbation
Everytime you listen to emo god kills a kitten
Everytime you masterbate god kills a kitten
Beküldő: Evoon 2005. július 16.
The act of masturbating
Damn I'm soo horny, I better go kill some kittens
Beküldő: Matt R 2005. március 28.
Every time you Masturbating - god kills a kitten
Jean? yeah! Jean the kitten killing machine!
Beküldő: Mike 2005. március 3.
masturbating, usually guys jerking off to pornographic images. a common phrase on
Please forgive me in advance for the one or two kittens that I may be directly responsible for killing after looking at this boobies link.
Beküldő: tonmeister 2005. február 14.
Very powerful young felines, under your control.
If you masturbate, a kitten kills God. The kitten is one of the killing kittens.
Beküldő: Fearman 2007. november 6.
Slang for "The slaying of innocent people."
?George Bush is killing kittens in Iraq while ignoring North Korea."
Beküldő: Brainiac 2005. január 7.