A father who never lets his daughter do anything. Hes fat, and a real jackass. He never lets anyone have fun. He just likes to eat. He sucks major wangs and needs to get a life.
Her dad is such a Kenneth!
Beküldő: holy_tubbs_batman 2011. május 3.
Kenneth is the street name from Ketamine.
Where's Kenneth?
Beküldő: Frogbox. 2009. szeptember 3.
A nerd who has some badass moments.
And is heavily influenced by a grade eight.
Grade Eight : That guy called me an LG.
Fuck him !

Kenneth : Fuck you.
Beküldő: Grade eight 2008. december 18.
Half a pint of british 'bitter', such as John Smiths or Tetley's. Named after Ken Barlow in the UK soap, Coronation Street for what he orders at the bar.
Barman: What y'havin?
Customer: Um... a kenneth please!
Beküldő: Mark Quaile 2007. november 26.
A slang term for Ketamine
Hey Andy, will Kenneth be at the party tonight?
Beküldő: Ketmister 2006. augusztus 2.
To be gay or to be "Brokeback"
"Dude, dont be kenneth about it"
"I think that guy is Kenneth, cause i saw him in Hillcrest"
Beküldő: Funky Rider 2006. június 8.

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