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An understanding of all that's involved with Chemotherapy.

When I first escorted my aunt to the clinic, I hadn't a clue about the treatment – but now she's all better and I'm all kemo-sabe.

Beküldő: nom de plumb 2009. április 15.
Tonto often referred to the Lone Ranger as kemosabe
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. június 16.
Used in the tv series Lone Ranger, Kemosabe became a very popular term. It means trusty scout or faithful friend. Contrary to popular belief, this term is actually native american. This term can be used while talking to friends or brothers. It can also be used sarcastically when talking to an unloyal and unreliable person you don't like.
John: Hey Kemosabe, long time no see. Did you do my favor.
Mark: Of course I did bro!
Beküldő: efjwoifjwoifjowe 2011. június 3.
Trusty Scout
Tonto usually referred to the Lone Ranger as Kemosabe, meaning "trusty scout"
Beküldő: birdablaze 2010. június 29.
Faithful friend , Trusty scout
You got it , Kemo Sabe
Beküldő: Orange World 2011. április 20.
My friend, the horse's ass.
Friend: I bet I can light this on fire.

Other Friend: Ah, Kemosabe, you are unique in your worldly ways.
Beküldő: @!#$#@$#!! 2006. december 9.
British English alternative to Mother fucker.
The British television network, ITV, translated "Yippee-kayae mother fucker" a line in the American Bruce Willis film Die Hard to "Yippee-kayae kemosabe" as this was thought to be less confusing to the British audience. Mother fucker is not a common term used in British society. Kemosabe is. It might also have something to do with Roy Rogers or the Lone Ranger...
John McClane (Bruce Willis in a vest): Yippee Kayae mother fucker!
Hermin (baddie with german accent): Hey?
John Mclane (Bruce Willis with no shoes on): Sorry, I mean Kemosabe!
Hermin: Ah! Danke. Das ist gut!
Beküldő: gonkenstien 2012. augusztus 17.