a. guy who is very loveable and sweet, he is easy to get along with and is a great shoulder to cry on
b. you may find yourself falling in love with him once you find out how great he is
kelly: awww i would protect you
huhbass. aww kelly your so sweet =]
#kelly #love #sweet #guy #gorgeous
Beküldő: HuhBass 2008. december 24.
a person adictaed to the internet
hey can i use ur computer no i hve a virus name kelly on it
#in need of help #adicted #dumb #type a word in 0.2 sec #asssssss
Beküldő: harold 123456789 2010. február 4.
Fake friend used in order to get out of a conversation with boys. She is short and has yellow hair. She constantly needs her friends, has a birthday at least once a weekend, and is in the bathroom if you get called out by guys from a previous conversation in which you said you were going to go find her. She is always the first one to arrive and depart a party. She is very adaptable, flexible to any situation, and has tons of connections.
Mid-conversation with boys you are not interested in, "OMG, Brittany, we have to go find Kelly! She is going to be so mad we left her!"
#fake friend #conversation ender #savior #help me #you're boring me
Beküldő: Helpme1987 2011. február 19.
A girl everyone teabags.
Get your balls off my chin. You think I'm fucking Kelly?
#kelly #teabag #slut #hoe #skank
Beküldő: teabagkelly 2010. június 28.
annoying, insecure, immature, needs to grow up and much much more. oh known for walking around dancing and singing the most annoying songs ever
lalalalala, lalalallaa, dance dance dance, UNDER THE SEA.

"yeah C thats kelly for you"
"wow she is so horrid"
#bugging #abnoxous #get a life #grow #leave me alone
Beküldő: kittymatie 2011. november 11.
A Big WHORE who will do anything for FREE.Kelly likes to stick big penis in her ass.
Kelly is a whore.
#big #whore #cock #eater #dick
Beküldő: Nick Valentine64 2011. március 14.
An overweight woman with really bad hair. Some one who controls every move their husband makes becuase she is a narcassis and plays on the emotions of others. A lazy out of shape unemployed person who has nothing but hate and poison coming from her ugly mouth.
I dont know how he has stayed with Kelly all these years.
#narcassis #fat #lazy #unemployed #abusive #overweight #controlling #hate #poison #unattractive #nasty #manipulator #loser #mistake #inhumane
Beküldő: thepretty1 2011. július 3.
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