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The name of an vile enemy in the original Star Trek series. You usually use it after getting like really mad and blame someone. This is what William Shatner did on the T.V. show Family Guy. (And if you think this definition sucks, make a better one!)
Somebody stole my car! KAHN!
Beküldő: billygoatofdoom 2005. augusztus 19.
Another definition? Bellowing scream of rage also used by george in a Seinfeld. For that matter Shatner (as Kirk) used it in a Star Trek movie in response to being abandoned by Kahn (played by Riccardo Montalbahn).
KAHN! pronounced as, "Kahhhhhhnnnnnn.....!" in a shattering call rising from the depths of despair.
Beküldő: Costumer_au 2006. szeptember 20.
when a guy fucks a girl so hard she walks bow legged for a week
she got a kahn so bad she's gonna walk like that the rest of her life.
Beküldő: tm34hawk 2006. július 10.
A phrase generally yelled loudly, such as with Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn! Most common misspelling of Khan and Khaaaaaaaaaan! In reference to Khan Noonien Singh of Star Trek "Space Seed" and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan fame and Shatner!Kirk's most famous bellow from the depths of Regula.
Every time Nero said "Spock!" in the last movie someone yelled Kahn!
Beküldő: Kahn Iceay 2010. május 15.
The act of guiding a fart through the air to strategically coerce your friends or enemies into smelling your fart. Typically used in social gatherings and modern warfare.
Ben: What is that smell?

Justin: I didn't fart did you?

Ben: No. I think we just got kahned by Stephanie upwind.

Stephanie (upwind) : Haha! Yaneve!
Beküldő: JZita 2010. március 24.
A real musical affiliated guy, usually plays guitar and sings with it to make girl's hearts melt. Also plays piano and drums and will become famous in the music industry. He is also very attractive and a hit with the ladies.
That guy is a Kahn. Trey songz is a Kahn
Beküldő: Wigglerza 2011. április 29.
Jewish word for "frontal wipe"
"Did you just frontal wipe your ass?" - Guy 1
"You mean did I Kahn?" - Guy 2
"Yeah, exactly" - Guy 1
Beküldő: BurkahMan 2012. augusztus 6.