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(Guyanese Terms)A ghost
That Jumby Horse Amanda Grab mah foot.
Beküldő: chad chunoo 2003. november 19.
Guyanese slang for ghost or spirit
Chris is afraid of Jumby of Brian
Beküldő: MABen 2009. szeptember 29.
Main Entry:•Jum-by

Pronunciation: \jəm-ˈbē\
Function: adjective

Date: 2009
1 a : MAD, INSANE <yelling like a jumby muthafucka> b (1) : FUCKED UP, SCREWED UP <dude’s face was all jumby> (2) : NOTICEABLY NASTY, SNAGGLETOOTHED, RANK, NASTY, UGLY <she was totally jumby, but you couldn’t tell from behind > c : being out of the ordinary : UNUSUAL <that is one jumby pair of socks>
2 : a Guyanese slang term for a ghost

— jum•bi•ly \-bə-lē\ adverb

— jum•bi•ness \-bē-nəs\ noun

— jumby muthafucka : jumby to an extreme degree <who the hell invited all the jumby muthafucka hos?>
Jumby want's to be born.
Beküldő: My Cord 2010. február 19.