a) (adj): a sexually promiscuous teen girl who wears nothing but juicy couture clothing

b) (noun): a big boner that a guy has simply because a juicy walks by
a juicy in definition a) will often be arrogant and self-important enough to look down upon any other juicy teen females who don't wear juicy couture clothing.
Beküldő: sexydimma 2015. február 23.
To describe a very good looking New York Guido.
Wow that guy sure is juicy!
Beküldő: Brad 2004. március 21.
Just another word for describing something as good. Something that you really like.
Omgzz zac efron is well juicy
Beküldő: Tyrer the tiger 2009. február 6.
noun: the female member, aka: the vagina
Her juicy was tight as shit.
Beküldő: Dee 2003. november 11.
cool, awesome
"I got a juicy new pair of shades that let me scoop out all the doddage without gettin' busted."
Beküldő: Yerma Suckscaw 2003. január 24.
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