Monkey looking man....
Boy: Look at that monkey mommy

Mom: Oh...sweety that's a Jose
Beküldő: Bootysweat:3 2012. augusztus 6.
Some mexican bitch in a lowrider
Jose:EY YO LOOK AT ME IN MY LOWRIDER SA... o shit... he brought his trolling friends..
Beküldő: joseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2011. augusztus 29.
a person who gets really confused when some one tells him anything
Beküldő: woodmaker 2010. szeptember 21.
in my words a gay guy wh like's to f*** cock.!
dang that boy's jos'e.!
Beküldő: amanda 2004. március 4.
A man whose legs are so hairy, he looks like the half boy/half beast creature on Narnia.
Damn dude, I know you must be hot cuz you got that Jose going on and it's 100 degrees outside.
Beküldő: Stew-Pac 2010. augusztus 20.
typical name for a brown guy or a mexican.
the other day while walking through tijuana i yelled for my friend Jose and half the population turned and said "Que?"
Beküldő: Mike Ocksbigger then yours 2009. február 16.
The guy who is racist as fuck and needs a life and always tries to win over the girl of his dreams desparately, he lies, he is a bad kid, and will always be a mexican douchebag.
Hey look, it's Jose.

Oh yeah, he's a Jo. (Ho)

Both guys laugh histerically.
Beküldő: Jose hater because he's an ass 2010. október 16.

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