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The legendary bassist of Led Zeppelin. Along with Jimmy Page, he was a founding member and integral part of the group (many people inaccurately give credit of the formation to Jimmy Page and Robert Plant). John Paul's musical talent pertains not only to the bass guitar, but also the mandolin and keyboards. He is also talented in the studio, working as producer and musical arranger for many other groups including the Rolling Stones. After Led Zeppelin's disbandment in 1980, John Paul has enjoyed a successful solo career. Quiet and down to earth, his contributions to rock are many times overlooked, mainly because he does not have a gimmick to net publicity; he simply plays for the love of the music. Sadly, people do not realize greatness when they see it. With such attributes, John Paul Jones is possibly one of the most talented people in music, and easily the most underrated musician today.
"I'm glad my friends finally remembered my phone number." - John Paul Jones after finally reuniting with Led Zeppelin at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after being snubbed for Unledded ( a band created by Page and Plant).
Beküldő: Rob L. 2004. október 21.
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primarily the bassist of led zeppelin. he was an awesome bassist, keyboardist, mandolin player, and skilled at many other instruments.
John Paul Jones belonged to the greatest band ever, Led Zeppelin
Beküldő: ledzeppelinrocks 2004. január 3.
The father of the American navy and America's first sea-faring hero. Rarely confused with his well-known namesake, the bassist of the band Led Zeppelin.
John Paul Jones has not yet begun to fight.
Beküldő: kt_mcq 2008. február 15.
Bassist from legendary rock band Led Zeppelin. His real name was John Baldwin, but chose the stage name after a freind suggested it to him after reading it on a french movie poster. Played Bass, keyboards, piano, organ, and mandolin for Led Zeppelin. His solo career was good, and on his solo albums he plays almost every instrument. A great musician, and often overlooked. Also the name of some navy guy.
John Paul Jones is a great musician, he can play almost anything.

John Paul Jones was in the navy.
Beküldő: The Incredible Myself 2005. augusztus 30.
Father of the American navy, and captain of the Bonhomme Richard. He is known for uttering the infamous words "I have not yet begun to fight" when asked if he surrendered by captain of the Serapis.
Me: "Have you ever heard of John Paul Jones?"

Friend: "Like, the bassist from Led Zeppelin?"

Me: "No, the Scottish sex god of naval warfare."

Friend: "Oh yeah, what a total badass."
Beküldő: NotYetBeguntoFight 2011. július 28.
The bassist for your ear pussies. See also Jesus of music.
Damn dude, when I heard John Paul Jones it felt like Jesus inside of my ear pussy.
Beküldő: sackbaker 2010. augusztus 13.
The multi-talented "fourth member" of Led Zeppelin. Jones was mostly a bassist, but has played many stringed instruments and keyboards and has worked with dozens of bands.

Can be used to refer to any highly-talented individual who is forgotten among legendary peers.
"Who were the members of Led Zeppelin?"
"Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham...fuck, I forgot the other guy..."

Earle Combs played next to Ruth and Gehrig for the Yankees of the '20s and '30s. He hit .325 in his career yet is forgotten by all but the most dedicated fans; he was the John Paul Jones of the team.
Beküldő: C-Mills 2008. február 26.

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