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A woman's belly button.
that chick has a large jizz cup
Beküldő: comeonalready 2005. november 11.
32 19
1. a cup in which one jizzes.
2. vagina
1. Dude, hand me that cup, Im gonna Jizz in it.
2. Kate's Jizzcup sure is tight.
Beküldő: taintmaster666 2008. december 31.
6 0
the women who gives you the "clap"...
Calm the fuck down or i will jizzcup your ass.
You got jizzcupped!!
Beküldő: marty and chris 2009. május 26.
3 0
that thing the docor gives you when he squeezes your fuck balls, and you dranch the cup with spermeys
i missed exploding in the jizz cup, insted i hit nurse R.N. Qutorious in the fucking ass neck.
Beküldő: james thurmus 2003. július 11.
5 24