The absolute height of coolness, sexiness and just downright awsomeness.
Teddy: Hey tom, if you keep this up you might just become a jimmy!
Tom: Nah, man I've still got a way long way to go before I can be that cool.
Beküldő: THE KING OF JIMMYS 2009. június 28.
to fix something using some shrewd ingenuity
when the tv stopped working, rob said 'don't worry, i'm sure i can jimmy something up!'
Beküldő: t dogg 2005. október 6.
A reference to a particular type of Sprinkle, namely, Chocolate Sprinkles
I don't want rainbow sprinkles, I want some Jimmies
Beküldő: steve 2005. március 3.
term used for condoms

"Yo Seth look whos buying Jimmys" - Sex Drive
Beküldő: Boat House 2009. április 30.
to know to rock and roll. angelic, bold, charming, stud muffin. The man.
Jimmy helps his neighbors out with thier heavy loads after thier shopping trip.
Beküldő: europopian 2009. május 7.
synonym for sprinkles
I'll have a large cone with 2 scoops of ice cream with jimmies, please!
Beküldő: mosoubo 2003. április 17.
The name of anyone in Scotland.
Jimmy: A'right jimmy
Jimmy(2): Aye
Beküldő: Blinkey99 2006. október 5.

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