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('jib-uh jab-uh')

noun: A long-winded dialogue full of bullshit and rhetoric. Often spoken by Mr.T when he wishes you to shut the fuck up.
Quit yo jibba jabba, sucka!
Beküldő: Chad Vincent 2003. június 24.
Mr. T's way of saying Bullshit.
What this crazy foo' talkin' Jibba Jabba 'bout now?
Beküldő: Gumba Gumba 2004. február 25.
Mr Tism: means 'alot of crap', fool
enough jibba jabba, fool!
you talking a whole load o' jibba jabba!
Beküldő: hex_ten 2003. november 23.
The term that Mr. T uses when he thinks you're talking non-sense shit.
Don't be talkin' Jibba Jabba Foo!
Beküldő: PiMp MaStA 2003. február 22.
A long stream of nonsense.Originated from the mind of Mr T.
'Quit your Jibba Jabba, foo. Now fetch me a ten wheel truck with a cannon or Mr T will whup yo ass back to the middle ages!
Beküldő: Sir benjamin 2005. április 19.
to speak non-sensical , meaningless or pointless statements or comments.
"quit yo' jibba jabba, fool"

Mr T - The A-Team
Beküldő: brewlio 2007. április 29.
noun. A phrase used by Mr. T in conjunction either foo! or various other "Mr. T only" terminology.
Beküldő: ZE-bear 2003. március 24.