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An amazing, beautiful, caring, creative girl. She is the epitome of a goddess, and anyone would kill to have her. She can do anything she sets her mind to, and she's wonderful.
Wow! Jenny's pretty awesome.
Beküldő: Electrovamp. 2008. augusztus 13.
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A girl who acts like a true sister. She may not be blood line relatives, but she will care for you no matter what, even when hated she will love you. She tends to fall for the wrong type, but in the end she will never give up on someone she loves. She's socially active but naughty at times. She gets very intimate with people and she will play around. She will trust you very easily and she will do anything to bring you happiness. She loves everyone and can have her depressed moments, but she will always overcome them for the right of others. She sacrifices her own to let someone else be happy, and she will always be there for you. She is a dork and a nerd, but everyone will love that quality about her. She is fairly beautiful but will never believe it. She is out going and active and enjoys the oddest things as well as being crazy. She is lovable and adorable and will always be your true friend.
Michael: hey I was down recently, but then I talked to Jenny and she cheered me up a bunch!
John: yeah, she's an amazing friend, I wish I could have her to myself. She's wonderful to have around!
Beküldő: animulsrrulllzzz 2012. augusztus 11.
a very cool name.thats it.people need to stop dissing it, because its just a godamn name that doesnt really tell you anything about the person.
jenny=a truthful, nice, helpful girl.
need a good friend?go talk to jenny.
Beküldő: crazyycalichik 2008. február 19.
definately the most attractive person!
loving, caring, sweet & thoughtful.
Always tries to help, but gets it all thrown back in her face!
always put second best, but none the less is very much loved!
WOW! I wish i was a Jenny!
Beküldő: not a jenny 2008. augusztus 26.
A patronising cow that will gladly share information about being on her period with any unwilling passer-bys. Desperate and annoying.

She does have a good swagger, however her run is like a disabled donkey on crack cocaine.
Get out of the way, she's doing the Jenny run!
Beküldő: Samuel McGuffin 2011. november 25.
Usually a mid-40's woman with an abnormally expanded vagina, mostly due to being an active prostitute MILF and having kids with large heads.
Yeah, we were about to do it, but she was a Jenny so I declined.
Beküldő: Alex_G_16 2011. március 29.
1. Has IQ as high as a crayon.

2. Looks like a monkey
3. A feminine version of Jesus
1. "Wow you got a 50 out of 100 on your test? You're such a Jenny!"
2. "Look at that cute Jenny swinging on the vines."
3. "I have to pray to Jenny tonight"
Beküldő: kdeeezy raachcakes 2013. december 5.

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