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v. The act of nutting in a bitch's mouth or face, then making her sleep on the floor at your feet like a dog, while robbing her.
Yo, that bitch was a skank ho.
Yeah, I totally jenningsed her last night.
#jenningsing #the jennings #jenningsed #to jennings #jenningsedly
Beküldő: The Prog Power 2006. január 15.
Sending a picture of a demented penis to multiple people.
Craig did a Jennings to a group of girls we just met.
#jenns #jenning #j #wrong #peaches
Beküldő: YeaBuddddday 2011. augusztus 27.
Short spasms (usually less than a minute) of spewing lies undermining one's personal achievements and making those around the person feeling even more feeble with their pathetic accomplishments.
The original discovers assumed that these spasms were done on purpose, deliberate attacks on the esteem of others.
However, extensive observation of those with chronic Jenning Disease has proved that it is a serious medical condition
1)Person 1: look at all these african kids
Person 2:ugh.. i wish i were as skinny as them. im such a fatass sometimes
Person 1: stop jenning

2)When you have a 99% average and president of three clubs and councils at your school and you have volunteered at a third world country but worried about not getting hired at McDonalds.
#dougall boosting #suicide #never good enough #starbucks #nag #complain
Beküldő: NaginiNeverGoodEnough 2011. április 14.
To completely lose your mind over absolutely nothing in ten seconds or less. Process in which you blame all problems you have or ever will have on the closest available person or the person you think of first.
woman: "You're a cheating bastard!"

man "It's mother's day and I was with my mom!"
woman: "You've ruined my life and turned all of my friends against me!"
man: "Quit Jenning on me."
#jenned #freak #crazy #psychotic #schizophrenia
Beküldő: Anti-Jenn 2010. május 9.
The act of pretending to actually work, when in fact you are sitting on your ass all day doing jack shit.
When someone asks you what your doing at work and your response is "I'm jenning".
#lazy #loser #kiss-ass #teacher's pet #poser #retard #hater #byefelcia #brown noser #buhbye
Beküldő: Priscilla Boo Boo 2015. március 29.
1) To smoke marijuana.

Created in memory of Peter Jennings who was always able to stay calm no matter how depressing was the world he reported about nightly.
Dude, I have some great dank, we should definitely go Jenning with this stuff.
#weed #reefer #ganja #toke #pot
Beküldő: Arialys 2008. január 18.
The most amazing guy you know. You have been friends for a while but rarely talk. but you really like you and he doesnt even bother to answer texts :\ you just love him.
wow look at how good jennings looks today
#hot #amazing #funny #cute #handsome
Beküldő: shortsbabe8 2011. június 7.
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