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Born; 21 February 1979 Waco, Texas, USA
Has very nice brests
Jennifer Love Hewitt is chestacular.
Beküldő: boshk 2005. március 8.
hot as hell, got big boobies and looks innocent until behind closed doors.
for one night with jennifer love hewitt...ill give up one testicle
Beküldő: dannneee 2005. szeptember 28.
very sexy tart. loves to flaunt her tits.
jennifer love hewitt is hot, but loose
Beküldő: mike hawk 2005. március 27.
A celebrity, know for her awesome rack.
God-damn, Jennifer Love-Hewitt has a nice rack on her!
Beküldő: <insert> 2004. október 1.
An eskimo that traveled to the United States to become a famous actress and is now marginally successful.
Do you know Jennifer Love Hewitt? That inuit can act!
Beküldő: ElGato 2005. december 18.