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gettin' sloppy
gettin' loose
gettin' jello
cottage cheese thighs
yo i saw this jello dude, so gone.

she was such a jello last night.
Beküldő: Gianna Chicken Melissa Chicken 2011. október 30.
being jealous
"Girl, don't be jello cause my boo got me the new Louis!"
Beküldő: kkbm 2010. április 27.
Can sweet talk anygirl

One Bad A$$ mother F**K3R that knows how to party and throws the best parties therfore your hero
Did you go to that party at jello's house it was amazing.
Damn this party sucks wish we could throw one like jello
Beküldő: akjfkjabfsazfv 2010. szeptember 21.
"The unneccesary bundle of fat attached to ones' body where so he/she is not obese."
Wow Billy's so fat!
No he's not..he's just jello
Beküldő: jell0monster 2009. június 27.
A cocky or over confident way of saying hello on the phone. Also when trying to seem laid back or impressing someone with overconfidence on the phone.
(ring)... guy: one sec. hold on.

Guy: Jello?...yes..ok thanks.

Girl:who was that?

Guy:Oh just the casting department for a new movie. I got the lead role.
Beküldő: psib99 2009. május 5.
The sexiest 46 year old ever to live. Activist/spokesperson/former member of The Dead Kennedys/singer/songwriter/genius. Lives in San Francisco....ran for both mayor and president. ....last name Biafra
"I just had the craziest dream where I was old, but happy. Jello was my husband and I was making breakfast for him. He was commenting about the said something about the war. I remember he was pretty pissed....then it ended........and I woke up regreting I was born when I was."
Beküldő: nicole le ponke' 2004. augusztus 28.
fat rolls
She needs to put the jello back in the refridgerator!
Beküldő: BlahBlahBlah 2004. május 30.