A Jeff is a quiet individual that is known to have quick and witty banter when taking the opportunity to speak with someone they feel comfortable with. They are a breed of past heartbreakers that have matured into intelligent, unique, and confident men. They tend to think more than act and often miss the boat.
Guy 1: There's that cool girl from the art building
Guy 2:.........uh
Guy 1: Such a Jeff move
#jeff #jeffrey #geoff #geoffrey #uni
Beküldő: Heytherepanther 2013. június 26.
a nice guy that loves to shower girls with gifts and act like a gentleman. he plays sports and drives a nice car.
damn you're lucky, your boyfriend is a "jeff"
#male #sweetheart #rich #cute #athletic
Beküldő: niggaaaaaa6 2011. január 17.
The guy who ALWAYS takes a dump at work, he may even describe it to you. Will repeatedly tell the same joke "I just got paid to take a shit!"
Man, I gotta take a Jeff!

Have you seen the boss? He's been Jeffing all morning.
#jeff #jeffing #jeffing it up #jeffy #jef
Beküldő: JrPw 2010. november 5.
Jeff is a fabulous name. Two friends call each other this. It all started when they were in encore watching a movie. The teacher was taking attendance and someone in the back said "my name is Jeff". From then on the friends call each other "Jeff".
Jeff you are so fabulous!
#fabulous #giggle #mints #long #luscious
Beküldő: luv_my_piggies 2015. április 6.
World record holder for penis size (length). Measuring 34" in a flaccid state, Jeff cannot achieve an erection without running the risk of death due to low blood flow to the brain. A true tragedy.
Damn, Jeff is 34" long soft, but he can't get hard. I guess he'll just have to use it for tether ball or something.
#falcon #huge #slama lama ding dong #9th wonder of the world #cock
Beküldő: Cunnilinguist11 2014. május 12.
The act of taking a crap.
I'm going to go to the john and take a jeff.
#crap #shit ##2 #defecate #poop
Beküldő: The White Amur 2014. február 15.
n. A man who seems really cool, comes off as suave and is always very charming and charismatic. But he is also shady, and a creeper
Why you gotta be so shady and "Jeffy"?
#jeff #jeffrey #shady #creeper #suave #charismatic
Beküldő: Ivadunno 2012. november 7.
Jeff will be whoever you want him to be and pretend to love you as long as you pull out your wallet often. He'll will always have hooker breath.
Person A: Did you see Jeff's girlfriend! As in current girlfriend?

Person B: Oh my gaw, yes!

Person A: He has definately downgraded with a capital D!

Person B: She must pull out her wallet often...
#true love lol #love it #haha #desperate much #don't be jelly #focus on the wallet
Beküldő: fatgirlsneed<3too 2011. október 3.
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