holy transportation
"I'm goin' to church!"
"I'm gonna ride the jebus!"

"When I go to heaven I'm takin' the jebus!"
#jesus #short bus #pogo stick #crucifix #athiest
Beküldő: Fun-Sized.Fantastico 2010. március 28.
1. A one time hobo, who was a leader of the hobo wars in a crusade against the rich, living in a two story box on 4th street. Jebus fought along side of billy bob bert who died tragically alongside hime, but the crusades were won.
Jebus lives on the moon to this day trying to find a cure for cancer.

2. Homer Simpson's grammar error
We can now differentiate from the Chinese communists thanks to Jebus.

Lord, praise Jebus!
#jebus #jesus #crack #poop #chinese #cancer #hobo #crusade #war #hobowars
Beküldő: TheBowser701 2010. január 26.
Name of the ancient Jebusite city conquered by the Hebrew king David more than 3000 years ago. He occupied the fortress of Zion and the city was renamed Jerusalem.

Today it is home to three of the worlds major religions and is the seat of the
Israeli capital. It is a city at the centre of international political and social intrigue.
Jebus is a Biblical name of the city now known as Jerusalem
Beküldő: warnerdang 2004. május 27.
What my teenage daughter, who doesn't like to curse, says when something is absolutely, unbelievably ridiculous.
"Did you see that outfit? Jebus!"
#unbelievable #remarkable #crazy #ridiculous #stupid
Beküldő: Pseudi_Q 2009. október 8.
A mockery of the Archetype, Jesus Christ. First used by the cartoon character Homer Simpson.
Sweet Jebus
Beküldő: Lmomyrpt 2015. november 29.
A bad ass guy that is in the madness series that pwns all. his goatee is only topped by chuck norris' and is possibly the offspring of bruce lee and an angry wolverine.
If your punched by Jebus its like a lion on steroids chasing a gazelle through a field of pixie sticks and unicorn magic then got stabbed by a toothbrush shank made by Mr. T.
#badass #killer #beast #pwnage #jesus
Beküldő: The word of jesus 2009. október 7.
Just a damn cool thing to say.
But I don't even believe in Jebus
#jebus #simpsons #church #boy #girl #hello
Beküldő: Pedro Gon 2008. február 21.
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