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Jc'in is the new way to say just chillin
hey, watcha doin?
ohh jc'in
Beküldő: Lil Babi D =) 2010. április 15.
26 9
Just Chilling abbreviated to JC'in by removing the letters u,s,t,h,i,l,l and g.
hey whatcha doin later??? JC'in watching the news ROFL. U?
Beküldő: RachelHughesy 2010. május 19.
22 14
To be a monster, not metaphorical, but truthfully. A Monster of all beings. JCin is and will always be the greatest at everything that monster does. Quote me.
JCin is doper than crack.
Beküldő: Trip Tannen 2008. május 26.
2 3
Stands for Josh Coles 'ing
apparenlty means you're mackin with him?
but not really.
results from confusion of silly girls
what are you doin?
oh, hey. Im JC'in
Beküldő: ...Church 2008. szeptember 9.
4 20