a french name
refers to either a red head or a big chested lady
that girl has very nice Jacqueline's!
#jacqueline #jacqui #french #caring #nice
Beküldő: jacqui x couture 2006. október 3.
A given name; comes from French and is the feminine form of Jacques, whose meaning is "supplanter".
The diminutive for Jacqueline is Jackie.
#jacqueline #jacquelin #jacquelyn #jaqueline #jackie
Beküldő: Kaldt 2013. január 25.
Mean, spiteful, not a fun person to live with. Nice if you're friends with her, mean if you're related. She can be nice and happy one second, then mean and angry the next, and vice versa. Quite often fake, self absorbed, and shallow. Very concerned with looks. Not someone to be friends with.
Oh my god, she's so mean! Such a Jacqueline!
#mean #spiteful #shallow #fake #bipolar
Beküldő: BNE1049 2013. december 17.
Also commonly referred to as jacqueliwhore. fugly retarded WHORE with a gay laugh. dumbass. stupid schizophrenic bitch that has rabies.she'll also cheat on you if your a guy so watch out. Bisextual. horse face.two faced liar.harasses little kids on club penguin then goes to old folks home to rape the elderly.takes her wig off when she is drunk.needs to brush her teeth and shower more.she uses people and says shes your friend and when you run out of things to give her she ditches you (as mentioned before). prostitute. has STD'S. Raceist to Asians and white people.Perver . Jumps on every guys dick.Slut. Piece of shit!
guy 1 :come on Jacqueline lesbihonest. oh wait i forgot you only speak lesbenise.......
guy 2 and3 :actually more like come on jacqueliwhore lets be bihonest!

jacqueliwhore: that fucking chinese girl.

girl one: thats just raceist!
girl two: ______ is not chinese she is korean. theres a difference.
jacqueliwhore: whatever all you fucking chinese people all look the same. (walks away)
jacqueliwhore:(walks back)wait what does raceist mean again?


_______ : she said what? that stupid blackhead! she's so fucking stupid and retarded

girl 2: she is such a whore! thats why her name is jacqueliwhore

girl 1: well thats a jacqueline for you!
#fugly whore #jumps on every guys dick #slut #horse face #looser #has no life
Beküldő: meera69sitynine 2013. november 18.
A stupid jerk who says she's your best friend forever and then ditches you, and then has the nerve to get mad at you when you get tierd of bending over backwards to be in her life. If you see a girl named Jacqueline (Jackie for short), run like hell because she is a self-righteous, stuck-up, narcisissistic user who will drop you when you run out of things to give her.
Girl 1: So you're saying she thinks it's your fault she was a bad friend?
Girl 2: That's Jacqueline for you.
#bad friend #ex-best friend #jerk #replaced #better off
Beküldő: Laura K32 2012. december 17.
Whiny, schizophrenic, uneducated blonde, wants things they will never have (Robert Pattinson, Chris Angel.) twenty year old loser. Needs a job and a drivers liscence. and a car for that matter. Can't pronounce the name "juliette" without like sounding like she has down syndrome. has multiple STD's. eats everything in the house, so hide your food. wears high socks. a dumb girl that no one but hobo stevens can like.
Jacqueline: "Jewiette (notice lack of proper pronunciation), momma missed you!"
Juliette: "O.O"
#loser #whiny #job #like #stds
Beküldő: poopmaster3000 2011. március 18.
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