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someone who is about to get owned.

used to decribe a person or action lacking judgment or sense.
-Love is for jabronies.
-The Rock is about to lay a smack down on that jabronie.
-You locked your keys in the car? Well that was a jabronie thing to do.
Beküldő: super86me 2006. december 7.
415 167
A person who says stupid things all the time, often without knowing how dumb they really sound.

A person that has no idea what is going on around them and asks idiotic questions on a regular basis.
Shut up Jabronie.
Beküldő: RelapseSAE 2010. december 4.
238 95
A dick who acts like their from jerzzy or some one from jerzzy shore
Wtf dude you act like a fucken jabronie
Beküldő: randomshit100 2013. május 24.
7 8
a word that the Rock started as a craze but Jerry "the King" Lawler really origniated
a wannabe
guy #1: I'm dating a girl who wants to be punk.
guy #2: Well stop wasting your time and dump that jabronie!
Beküldő: Mike 2004. január 4.
143 150
Its like a hockey word or something.
Guy 1: Hey you jabronies!

Guy 2: Cool word.
Beküldő: Mac Alwayssunny 2011. július 23.
45 75
Dude who like to inflate balloons in his asshole to see how wide his ass hole can get before tearing.
Jabronie is a fag
Beküldő: inflamation station 2011. január 21.
30 66
A frozen treat you would buy at a circus or fair
Daddy, can you buy me a jabronie?
Beküldő: zabbo 2011. január 13.
11 51