Fag wanna be 2pac
look at those ja rules mackin
Beküldő: Ak Sprayer 2003. július 14.
lil nigga that thinks he can fuck with 50 cent a.k.a. Ja Killa
ja rule gives blowjobs to niggas in his crib
Beküldő: C-Gansta 2003. július 9.
also known as the "Ja Rule effect"

when someone really has no talent whatsoever, but thinks they do so much that they actually belive they do have talent. Also known as the "Miley Cyrus" effect.
Miley Cyrus- I'm such a great singer
Doctor- yep, it appears you are suffering from the Ja Rule effect
Beküldő: press the fuck button 2008. augusztus 8.
1. Noun. Derogatory term; a synonym for most insulting derogatory terms associated with profanity.
2. A word associated with defecation, faces.
3. A word not
1. Youse a big mothafuckin' hunka Ja Rule!
2. (same as above)
Beküldő: A.P. 2003. szeptember 2.
Stumpy fagott.
Also see. cookie monster
Beküldő: b11 2003. július 24.
Be a total idiot whos music just sux
"You are like ja rule, this means I insulted you badly"
Beküldő: PsYKo 2003. július 8.
A wack rapper who used to run NY untill he was crushed by the G-unit.
Ja Rule sounds like Oscar the Grouch, thinks he can sing.
Beküldő: Myke A 2006. április 3.

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