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Jesus Is For Everybody. This acronym was first coined by the Christian Rapper Da' T.R.U.T.H. in 2013.
Dude: I dont know man, I just feel like God doesn't want anything to do with me.

Dude: Bro dont you know? J.I.F.E. Jesus Is For Everybody :)!
Beküldő: tev 2013. január 13.
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Short for "Jazz Life"; or basically the lifestyle of any professional freelance musician. A person making a living as a sideman in the music industry, and is always working the opposite schedule of everyone else in society, thus living the jife.
"Hey how was your weekend?"
"Shit man, I had a show friday and saturday night, a brunch gig saturday afternoon, two rehearsals, and my church gig all day sunday. I'm exhausted."
"Yeah dude, that's the jife for you. Maybe we can chill tuesday?"
"Sure, my tuesday is totally free."
Beküldő: S_FuNk 2013. február 17.
5 0
A descriptive word for something that is cool or awesome. It also has a latent connotation for not only being good, but lacking fail.
Man, that night was totally jife.

Working early is completely non-jife.
Beküldő: PoopieStain 2009. június 4.
5 1
another word for cocaine, crack, etc.
I need to get my jife on!!!
Beküldő: Pmuthafuckindizzle 2007. december 14.
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A word that is used in place of another word. The meaning varies depending on the context used.
You're being a bit of a jife.
That's really jife.
I'm really jifed about this weekend.
Beküldő: Gee.Unit 2010. november 6.
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