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A particularly unpleasant hangover.
"Last night was great, but I have the worst case of the irish flu today."
Beküldő: Melissa 2004. július 10.
111 40
A hangover, usually involving whiskey; may be mild or severe
"I’ve still got a touch of the Irish flu."

"The Irish flu?"

"Also known as a hangover."

(from "A Nose for Murder" by Lee Charles Kelley
Beküldő: Lee Charles Kelley 2005. április 6.
69 31
The ailment one suffers on March 18th after properlyly celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Anyone of Irish descent may also use the term to denote a hangover on any day of the year.
Seamus: Ugh, I was out drinking Guinness until the wee hours. I think I'll call in with the Irish Flu today.
Beküldő: robbie vienna 2009. március 17.
20 19