a food used during early morning sex. when there is only one, you bite, chew, make out, regurgitate into your partners mouth, take another bite, lather, rinse, repeat.
no one knows how they can waffle so early in the morning, they believe the stamina is in the hot pocket
#hot pocket #bruce #waffle #morning #sex
Beküldő: yourmomeatswaffles 2007. április 2.
Top Definition
The act of shitting inside a fold-out couch and then re-closing it, leaving it for an unsuspecting guest. (see similar terms: "upper-decker", "mexican waffle", "trunk muffin")
That drunk guy that slept over last night left us a hot pocket.
Beküldő: Sam F 2005. március 23.
1. The most delicious form of evil. It tastes, looks, and smells good, but you practicly die of burns when you take a bite if you don't wait 5 minutes.
-What happened to your face?! Its all...charred!
-I had hot pockets last night.
Beküldő: Ricky 2004. február 27.
White man who wears a red hat and is an ass hole
Go fuck yourself hot pocket!
#kootra #creatures #ass hole #hat #red
Beküldő: Aleksander12 2014. február 15.
name for a pastry that took after the pop tart. except it is filled with nasty meat. It can only be served 2 ways;
1. Warm outside, frozen inside.
2. boiling lava hot, will destroy your mouth.
usually given to patients suffering from constipation.
Hey Travis, would you like a hot pocket?
#nasty meat #pastry #lava #hot #pocket
Beküldő: Eric Franz 2007. január 15.
When the person you have sleeping over shits in your fold out sleeper couch, doesn't clean it up, and folds the couch back up without telling you.
I'm not friends with Rob anymore.
He made a hot pocket with my fold out couch.
#shits #sleeper #couch #sleep #over
Beküldő: xJcalx 2010. április 16.
When a girl is going down on a guy and his balls start kickin right before he's about to cum, you shove his balls in his anus and yell "HOT POCKET!"
"I'm about to cum..."

(She shoves his ballsac into his anus)

#hotpocket #balls #kickin #butt #anus #ballsac #cum
Beküldő: PTSpice 2009. július 6.
a woman's special lady parts, aka vagina.
yo girl, thanks for letting me hide my tube steak inside your hot pocket
#pussy #cooter #beaver #beef curtains #hoohaa
Beküldő: Tricky77 2012. szeptember 8.
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