Some one who thinks there a boss but there really a faggot
Geoff Hall is a Hoss
Beküldő: Bear Gryllz 2010. március 12.
A person, usually female, with large thighs... basically a fat person.
"Guy 1: Damnn did you see that hoss, she took up half the fucking hallway."

"Man that bitch is a fucking hoss."
Beküldő: dreblockdrock 2008. április 14.
The combination of the words haus and boss. Haus meaning a strong person who is the absolute shiz..and boss meaning a person or thing who is the absolute shiz and rules everyone and everything. There for haus + boss = Hoss. Creating the ultra super word to describe people like joscelyne and michael.
Wow. I am a haus.. and a boss. I wonder if theres anyway to make that even better.
Maybe ill combine two words and say HOSS!
Beküldő: joscelyne 2008. február 20.
The embodiment of male on male sexiness.
Man Enrique Bello is so Hoss.
Beküldő: A. Hernandez 2007. december 27.
Someone who is extremely large in size or body mass.
Guy1: That girl is a hoss!
Beküldő: tapit 2007. december 4.
Origin of word: Milwaukee, WI
Horse, stud, well endowed guy. Name essentuates playa credibilty.
From the song by Nas "Oochie Wally"
I'm the thrillah in Manillah.
Biatches call me Hoss, the pussy fillah!
Beküldő: Marko Schmidt 2006. november 20.
Dude tha blunt was hoss
Beküldő: Squirrel Master 2003. július 21.

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