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Absolutely the best thing to ever grace mankind. A ladies man to say the least, he frequently refers to females as bitches and gets away with it. The funniest friend in any group, and the person who everyone wants to be around. He is THE shit.
That guy was even more amazing than the second coming of christ...that was HOSS.
Beküldő: The Hoss 2005. november 3.
Hoss-to put forth max effort or perform and impressive feat
I hossed that chick hard last night.
Beküldő: Brian St.Cyr 2005. január 15.
Someone that is extremely champion and deserves some props from the peeps. They also commandeer vehicles on the dirty streets and name them the "Scalleywag".
Gary Paulson, Mike Roch
Beküldő: Chief 2004. október 15.
Someone southern, with a body larger than that of a normal sized person, and a brain smaller than even the average person on any given school bus that is shorter than that of a normal sized school bus.

(Nobody smart has ever been called a hoss, it is not a compliment).
Strong Mad @ is the perfect hoss.

Beküldő: Van 2003. november 20.
1. n. The term used to describe a score in Hoss-Toss. When the Hosser is bounced into the Hoss Stand, a Hoss is scored.
A Hoss is the most basic way to score in Hoss-Toss.
Beküldő: Rockmjd23 2003. november 18.
a REALLY big van
i was driving and i saw the hugest ******* hoss!!!!!!
Beküldő: yo 2003. szeptember 17.
1 a person who eats a lot of food.
2 to eat a large amount of food or drink quickly.
1 Tommy eat all day he's a huge hoss.
2 Look how I just hossed down that box of cookies.
Beküldő: Kero 2005. március 8.