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A cross between homo and fag; a good insult.
You homofag, go gag a dick.
Beküldő: An ass ramming uncle fucker, your dad. 2003. december 12.
Created as a parody of the well-worn insult of "fag" used by uncreative middle school and high school children. The original use of "homofag" was usually done in the spirit of derision of said children who haunt various forums and chatrooms on the web.
dewd ur such a homofag!!1
Beküldő: Red Devil Slim 2004. április 8.
Negative noun / adjective regarding the uber-homosexuality of someone / something, often used as a joke but still keeps a profound meaning: the person / thing is gay.
Man, that Eric kid's an homofag - he only talks to men.
Beküldő: Kraken & SkreecH - Non-homofags 2004. március 16.
1.A disliked individual; an idiot, an asshole, a moron. One who perpetuates a state of homofaggery.

2.A homosexual; one that engages in the act of homofaggery.
1. Damnit David quit being such a homofag and shut your mouth.

2. Johnny has sex with other men, Johnny is a homofag.

Note: One can be a homofag and not be a homosexual.
Beküldő: Orlan Drake 2005. augusztus 3.
ultra-homosexual. Negative connotation.
That movie last night was horrible! It was incredibly homofag.
Beküldő: Bungalow Bill 2001. december 15.
Negative word - meaning 'fag', just x2.
Usually a name for people who Ace 'Homofagonomotary'.

~Created by: Anthony Panteli~
Omg! You're such a homofag!!
#homo #fag #faggot #gay #homosexual #faganomotary
Beküldő: AnthonyPanteli 2009. május 19.
Someone who is a step above gay.
"Touch me and your officially a homofag!"
#homo #fag #gay #dick #love
Beküldő: Avira 2009. augusztus 7.
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