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Bottle of Hennessy VSOP Privilege
Lets get a bottle of hendog and get drunk!

I was on that hendog all night.

Hendog and trees.
Beküldő: au yeah 2009. május 1.
Hennessy an alcoholic beverage, a nickname for it used in the hood.
yo leroy what we drinking tonight, "hen dog" yea dat yack
Beküldő: bert2 2005. július 22.
A member of the Hendrikx family, Dutch descent or married to, mostly residing in Southern California and directly related to Eric Hendrikx.
Let's go hang with Hendog tonight. He's dopetastic.
Beküldő: Phureelz 2009. január 23.
a big tough guy who acts a bit pussyish
can i borrow your 100 kg wieghts.
meh, i dont know, i just dont know.
Beküldő: Craig Richardson 2003. október 23.