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Hats is an acronmy for Hard As A Titty Sucker.
Dude im about to got Hats on my gf breast tonight
Beküldő: Marzin 2011. július 29.
On Beyluxe Messenger, a term that means "@" or operator status.
Can I get a hat?
Beküldő: Neo1211 2009. július 6.
Slang for hot, attractive, sexually appealing
"Have you seen Ashley's new Facebook profile picture? That shit is HAT!"
Beküldő: doubCeezy 2009. január 15.
South Florida slang for a Jewish person, usually used when they can overhear you; similar to the use of Canadian for blacks.
Caller: Which Black Friday line are you at?
You: Best Buy in Boca Ration
Caller: Oh man I bet there's tons of-
You: Yep. Hats everywhere, man.
Caller: Oh well at least you're not at Wal-Mart in Lauderhill, it's like fucking Toronto over here if you know what I mean.
Beküldő: d0s 2008. május 14.
Condom. Derived from jimmy hat in 90's hip-hop slang.
the tall slim fly kid with dope steps
yep, coming with a box of hats
- Nice N Smooth, Hip Hop Junkies
Beküldő: romulusnr 2007. december 3.
noun. A euphemism for condom.
Hey man, don't forget your hat!
Beküldő: Gerrard McAllum 2004. szeptember 21.
An insult often used when drunk. Can be both incognito and meaningless. Best used in conjunction with other swear words.

Hat - A cunt, busybody, someone who is generally annoying.

Plural - Hats "what a group of fucking hats."
You sir, are a cunting hat.
Go fuck yourself hat.
Fuck me whats wrong with you? are you a hat?
Beküldő: W!sey 2011. december 23.