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Slang for half-Asian and half-Caucasian
Person 1: "What did he look like?"
Person 2: "I think he's a halfer."
Beküldő: julie bing 2005. február 17.
1) A race of people who is anyone of 1/2 one race and 1/2 another race.
1) Yo that Blazian peep is a halfer.
Beküldő: Nicaraguan Thunder 2010. január 30.
(1890-1900's) Southern Negro sharecroppers.
Slave to Halfers! Poor people, homey! They suffered n` all much.
Beküldő: William Warney 2009. július 7.
to go 50/50 on an investment by involving another party
hey man, do you wanna go halfers on that thai prostitute? it'd be cheaper for both of us if we did.
Beküldő: ajhope 2010. május 26.
Half gram of a drug, most typical cocaine
yo, want a halfer
Beküldő: johnnyhalfer 2012. november 26.
Some one who has had oral sex but is still a vaginal virgin
She only sucked your dick, haha Alan your a halfer.
Beküldő: ARZEBBY 2010. január 18.
Half a Oz of Marijuana / £80 / 14 grams
You picking up today?
Yeah im buying halfers after school!
Beküldő: Deckmaster171 2005. december 16.